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🍀 Little Things Blog Hop 🍀

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For the Blog Hop, the theme is Little Things That Makes Us Smile. Traditional Latvian culture and sharing it with others makes me smile. Please enjoy my blog on…

How to Make Latvian Easter Eggs!

I am Latvian through my dad’s side, and I grew up with Latvian grandparents, my grandmother who I called, Omi, and my step-grandfather. We went to Latvian school on Saturdays (sometimes, it was far away), the Latvian Hall in San Francisco, and we tried to learn Latvian. I even went to Latvian camp in Kursa and Garezers, and eventually moved to Latvia for a year to learn the difficult language.

For those of you wondering, yes, there is Latvian Camp. When I used to tell non-Latvians about it, I would say, “One time at…” and people would always reply, “At band camp”, and start laughing…but really there are two Latvian Camps in the United States.

One of the locations where my future books take place is in Latvia. This is going to get interesting…

Back to the blog! I used to make these eggs with my Omi during Easter time. A long time ago, Latvians had an earth connected culture, and there are still pieces of that way of thinking alive today. For example, we still call Easter, Lieldiena, which means Big Day. It is a celebration of Spring and the victory of light over darkness. Part of that celebration is to make these eggs. Eggs represent fertility, potential, growth, and new beginnings.

So on to the instructions of Lieldienas Olas, or Big Day Eggs.

  1. Gather your items.


  • Cheese cloth or muslin, cut up into pieces big enough for the eggs to be well wrapped. Large squares are good.
  • White eggs
  • Onion skins, preferably brown
  • Small leaves and flowers, ex.: dandelion flowers, leaves from plants of various kinds/sizes/shapes (be sure they are non-toxic)

A picture of the materials:


My Omi used to collect the onion skins well before Easter, but I’m not as organized as she was, so I raid the onion bin at the store. Be prepared for stares but who cares. I also like brown skins better than red ones because they dye better.

Next, wander around your local park, neighborhood or field, and collect your natural items. As I mentioned, different sized and shaped leaves and flowers are great because they make the final project more interesting. I love dandelion flowers because the yellow transfers and because of the design they leave on the egg shell.

Some people also use rice or any other natural thing that makes an imprint.

2. Put the eggs together.


Here is a picture of the egg, mid-process. Wet the egg so your leaves and flowers stick better, place the leaves/flowers on different sides of the egg, and carefully wrap it. If you cut your square large enough you can tie the corners. You can also close it up with string. Be sure to tie it tightly so the items will stayed pressed to the egg.

My eggs all wrapped up:


3. Boil the eggs for 15-20 minutes.


Place the eggs at the bottom of the pot, then add the onion skins on top. Fill the pot with water and boil long enough to cook the eggs. Don’t boil them too long so the eggs won’t crack. Also, when you boil them for less time the patterns on the eggs turn out more varied.

Take them out of the water and allow to cool so you won’t burn your fingers like me.

Your finished project:


How pretty! You can see the leaf and flower imprints. The one in the middle is the dandelion pattern which is my favorite.

Yours Truly,

Scarlett West

Please keep hopping!

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  1. Done 🙂 #littlethings my favorite dessert is cheesecake with white chocolate drizzle. Yum

  2. I’m an odd one. My favorite desert is fruit. Give me a beautiful ripe mango, pineapple, strawberries, cantaloupe any of those things and I’m a happy happy girl. Lol just how I roll! Thanks for the chance! #LittleBlogHop

  3. Again, thank you for your support, comments, and likes. I hope you all win a prize just for being cool enough to swing by!

  4. My favorite dessert is strawberry pretzel salad. It has layers of jello and strawberries with a cream cheese mixture all on a bottom layer of pretzels. It so good

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