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I came up with this blog post while tweeting with other paranormal romance authors about vampire music. I used the songs to give you a flavor of what kind of writing will be in my paranormal, vampire romance series. Of course you won’t get a real idea until they are published, but if you read on you’ll find out a bit more about me and my style!

Talk about a walk down memory lane. Listening to these songs brought me a lot of memories, though I was not familiar with all of them, some are from the late 1970’s and 1990’s, which is music I listened to before. I had a lot of fun listening to and picking out songs to include on my list. I chose a variety of music, in genre and from different sources that have been a part of “vampire culture”.

One day I will have “Stat Sheets” on my characters, including songs that inspired each book. So far, none of those songs are about vampires or come from vampire themed movies or shows, but it will be fun to share them with you. Also, in this list I do mention if the particular song struck a chord with me on a personal level or would reflect my genre of vampire books in some way.

10. Guns and Roses, Sympathy for the Devil, Interview with a Vampire soundtrack, 1994

Mainly, I included this rock song because I wanted something from one of Anne Rice’s book-movie adaptations. I do like Guns and Roses a lot, but I couldn’t leave out at least one song from one of her movies as I consider her the modern Grandmother of vampire fiction.

One difference between my novels and the way Anne Rice tends to depict vampires is that my full-blood vampires in this series are a species and don’t feel remorse or regret over being a vampire. In fact, they revel in their abilities and their adventurous life! Their problems have to do with other stuff.

If you recall, some of Rice’s vampires battle with themselves over their identity as a vampire. I very much liked this in her books, and it created wonderful conflict and tension, but I wanted to portray mine in a different way.

I read Interview with a Vampire and saw the movie. I liked the book better, though the movie was pretty good. I’m one of those people who sees books in 3D movie form in my head, so it’s very difficult for a movie to be “up to par”. Still, the movie was pretty awesome so here’s a song from the soundtrack! Enjoy!

9. My Chemical Romance, Vampires Never Hurt You, 2002

This number showed up on my list because the punk-rock sound that reminds me of the angst type suffering that happens in many vampires tales. Often, when vampires are converted from their human self they have difficulty coming to terms with their new state. Also, their journey as the fall in love can be filled with strife. But that’s part of the tension and suspense, right?

In many films and novels, including by Anne Rice, JR Ward, and Jeaniene Frost, the character either struggles with their identity as a vampire or goes through a kind of personal transformation as they fall in love. I really like those kinds of novels and my own books reflect those elements where you can feel the character change and grow as the plot moves along.

8. Blue Oyster Cult, Nosferatu, 1977

I chose this song because it has a dreamy and nostalgic feel to it. I also like that the lyrics refer to the film, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, one of my all-time favorite vampire movies.

My favorite part of the song is the chorus when they sing, “Only a woman can break his spell
Pure in heart, who will offer herself”.

How romantic! Dracula was the ultimate broken-hearted soul, searching for centuries for his one and only. Makes me think of paranormal romance novels where only the female protagonist can break the sadness or dilemma of the main male character. Of course, in PNR, we always have a happy ever after!

7. Bauhaus, Bela Lugosi’s Dead, 1979

This one showed up on every single “greatest vampire songs” list I researched, so here it is again! I have to say, I wouldn’t have included it if I didn’t like the sound of the song. Goth Rock makes a perfect back drop song to many of the moody, broody, male vampire characters. Two perfect examples are Wrath from Dark Lover and Zsadist from Lover Awakened by JR Ward. This song reminds me of those heavy, duty, dudes.

It was originally inspired by vampire movies, especially the film Dracula starring Bela Lugosi from 1931. See below for more about this.

Some lyrics I liked were, “The virginal brides file past his tomb/Strewn with time’s dead flowers/Bereft in deathly bloom/Alone in a darkened room/The Count”.

6. Jace Everett, Bad Things, True Blood TV Show Theme Song, 2009

Another song I felt I needed to include to cover the TV show genre of vampires, though I ended up liking because it is a love song and I enjoyed the playful lyrics. Plus, the tone of singing and the music is catchy.

I listened to variety of songs from TV shows, and decided out of all of them, I liked this one the best because of the words, “When you came in the air went out… I don’t know who you think you are/But before the night is through/I wanna do bad things with you”.

Those lyrics reflect the sexy, romantic nature of paranormal romance books, movies, and shows that I love!

5. Bela Lugosi’s Dracula Theme Song, 1931

A passionate, instrumental song, this one doesn’t remind me of any aspect of my writing, but I enjoyed music from a long time ago. Also, it has been said that this film left a huge imprint for decades to come afterward on “vampire culture” in movies and novels. Many authors and flick creators were influenced by it so I felt it would be good to include.

4. Radiohead, 15 Step, Twilight Soundtrack, 2007

Though I must congratulate Stephanie Meyer’s success her Twilight Series, the book, Twilight, was not my cup of tea, and I never saw the movie. So why did I include this number? Because Twilight was very popular and became a part of vampire novel and film “culture”. But mainly it’s because I love Radiohead and Thom Yorke’s nostalgic and frustrated voice.

For sure this song reminds me of a few others on this list that bring on that feeling of the vampire’s pain in the stories we read.

I’m not into melodramatic at all, and this song isn’t that, but I do like when the character is fleshed out and goes through some real challenges to get the male or female they are after.

3. Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Love Remembered, 1992

I already mentioned this version of Dracula is one of my favorite vampire movies, and I love this instrumental melody. It evokes Dracula’s loneliness and pining for a love lost and found through centuries of pain that he endures.

Romantic and beautiful, please enjoy this song.

2. Annie Lennox, Love Song for a Vampire, 1992

This song appeared in the credits of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, and the way Lennox is dressed reminds us of the film itself. Also, a few scenes from the movie appear in the music video. I didn’t discover this song until recently, but out of all the music in the list, this would be one that I would listen to for pleasure. So why isn’t it number one? Tell you in second!

I love the way Annie Lennox expresses the words and the music itself. The lyrics I connected with were, “Come into these arms again/And lay your body down/The rhythm of this trembling heart/Is beating like a drum.”

1. Gerard McMann, Cry Little Sister, theme Song from The Lost Boys, 1987

Drum roll! Number one on my list is the theme song, Cry Little Sister, from “The Lost Boys”!! Why did it beat out number two? Out of all the music here, this song has reverberated in my consciousness the longest. The Lost Boys is also on my list of all-time favorite vampire movies and it made a big impression on me as a pre-teen. Yes, I watched it at a slumber party at my friend’s house when I was about 11 years old! Then when at school I heard this song in my head.

I loved the tough, bravado style male vampires, and the torment the teens felt in the movie. For sure, this story and its theme song stayed with me for many years after I saw the film. A couple of male characters from my books, like Jaromierz and Ako, are a bit like these guys, but mine always have a secret, soft side.

The part of the song that played in my mind over and over later on was the chorus, “Cry, little sister (thou shall not fall)/ Come to your brother, (thou shall not die)/Unchain me, sister, (thou shall not fear)/ Love is with your brother (thou shall not kill)”.

I especially commend McMann’s female backup singers who brought out the haunting quality that made it have such a deep impression on me.

Thank you for reading my blog post on vampire music. I hope you enjoyed it. This post is dedicated to my twitter friend Prudence Day, @pdwrites, who inspired me to write this because she said she likes these articles. Thanks!

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Until soon,

Scarlett West

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