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If we were having coffee, I would drink a nice mocha with almond milk and whipped cream, tell you how my books are going, share an awesome paranormal romance author promotional opportunity, and talk about a fall, Halloween Facebook Hop I’m going to be involved in. So pull up your chair, grab a cup of coffee, and let’s have a chat about how things are going.

First of all, as usual I want to thank my three F’s: fans, friends, and family, for your support and your patience. I know I launched my Facebook, Twitter, and Author Website, well before having a release date, and it has worried me sometimes as I hope people continue to believe in me while I prepare my books. I hope when they finally reach your hands, you’ll say it was worth the wait!

So if we were sipping coffee, I would say: To tell you the truth, it has been well worth it. I’ve become acquainted with many readers, other paranormal romance authors, and I’ve learned how to work social media before my book launch. Such a huge advantage! Before I started to build my author platform and create relationships with all of you, I didn’t have much idea about how to use Facebook, Twitter or the rest of the fun stuff.

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Also, I’ve been able to make my series much more cohesive with details regarding repeat characters, (they won’t leave me alone!), settings, and themes. For example, though the romances complete in one novel with the guaranteed HEA, parts of those character’s stories continue in later books.

Hope you’re enjoying your latte or cappuccino. Where am I with those books? My first novel is with a professional editor. I’m about to dive into round 2 of 3 so I’m making progress! I have also written book two in the series, and am now working on part three.

Remember, each book will feature a standalone romance with a certain couple, but the overall story arc continues as the series progresses. I chose to write several books before releasing in the hopes of getting more books to you sooner once I begin publishing.

Soon I would like to add a few pages to my website to give you more insight into the plots, settings, and characters.

If you subscribe to my newsletter, Scarlett West’s “Pulse”, you’ll be the first to find out my release dates, plus you’ll have the opportunity to receive copies of books, and other goodies before anyone else! Sounds great to me!

Speaking of my newsletter, I’m actively sending it out once a month now. Thank you to those who have trusted me with their emails to receive my news. I never spam or give your private info away.

Did you get a muffin or pastry with your coffee? I hope so because I have a few other things to share.

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Speaking of opportunities, I’m starting a once a month blog featuring Paranormal Romance New Releases, Freebies, and Books on Sale. If you are a reader, stay tuned to find out about great books! And if you are a paranormal romance author, and are interested, please contact me through my author website Contact Page, and we can talk details. No worries, I know you’re busy, so I’ll keep it simple on how to be involved.

The blog post will always come out on the third Tuesday of the month. This month that date falls on September 20th for October releases, so please contact me before September 15th, my deadline for receiving information.

Hope your coffee isn’t getting cold. BTW, funny how I like almond milk with whipped cream. Sounds like an oxymoron. I don’t much like dairy milk, but how could I say no to whipped cream? And since I love coffee and chocolate, I have to drink a mocha.

But back to the subject! What about that fall giveaway? It’s part of a Facebook Halloween Hop, (Facebook never endorses these fun events), with a whole bunch of paranormal/fantasy romance authors. That means tons of great books, a mountain of prizes because every single author who participates offers something, and a bunch of fun.

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BTW, though I don’t have books to offer—YET—I do love to participate as a way to give back to fans. I will offer a prize as well. I really hope you can join us. I will keep you informed on the dates and how to get involved as the time gets closer.

Thanks for the coffee chat! Hope your day goes well and enjoy the long weekend. If you would like, please sign up for my newsletter, say hi to me on Facebook, or follow me on Twitter. All who wander are not lost!

Warm Regards,

Scarlett West





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