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Today we have an interview with award winning Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy Author, L.D. Rose. Ms. Rose has published two books in her vampire romance series, The Order of The Senary. She was a Finalist and Winner of the 2016 Romance Writers of America, Prism Awards, for her first novel, Releasing the Demons.

Today, we will be discussing her writing style, plus her new book, Black Bullet. At the end of the interview are many awesome links where you can find her and purchase her books. And remember, my own novels, and my website are dedicated to adult, paranormal romance, for 18+ aged readers. (Warning, sizzling scene from the book up ahead!)

Please allow me to introduce, L.D. Rose!


Scarlett West: Hello, Ms. Rose, first of all, thank you for agreeing to an interview. I’m excited! And congratulations on publishing two books in your series.

L.D.Rose: Thanks so much for having me, Scarlett! Glad to be here. 🙂

S.W: For those of us who don’t know you, please tell us about yourself.

L.D. Rose: I’m a doctor by day and author of dark paranormal romance and urban fantasy by night. I’ve been writing for as long as I could remember and finally landed my first publication with Soul Mate Publishing after I finished medical school. It’s been a great ride ever since! With the release of the second novel, I’m quickly discovering that it’s just as nerve-wracking as the first, LOL.

I’m happily married and I have three fur babies, two cats named Milk and Oreo, and a crazy Boxer named Kaia. I’m also a big fan of coffee, wine, and The Walking Dead. 😉

S.W: I’ve always been impressed that you are a physician and an author. That’s incredible! Sounds like you have a lovely family, as well. I like your animals’ names.

On to your writing! 🙂

I see you classify yourself as an Urban Fantasy author, as well as Paranormal Romance. Just to clarify for our lovely readers, do your books have a typical romance, happy, ever-after ending?

L.D. Rose: Both my PNRs have HEAs for sure! Well-deserved ones, might I add. 😉 I do plan on writing a few UF series someday and they may not have a typical HEA and the focus isn’t primarily on the romance. One series involves two depression-era demon hunters and their journey, another is a dark UF version of Alice in Wonderland. Both of these won’t be typical romances, although they’ll both have romantic elements. 🙂

S.W: Great to know. Your plans, as with your current books, have some wonderful twists in their plots.

You describe your paranormal romance as dark, can you explain what that means to you as an author?

L.D Rose: What “dark” means to me is that the subject matter can be controversial and not always pleasant. My novels take place in a dystopian NYC overrun by vampires who actively hunt humans. There’s constant fear and terror, even for the main characters, who are assigned to exterminate vampires and rescue humans (even if one is a vampire himself).

(This part of her answer refers to the second book of her series, Black Bullet.) The hero, Jon, is constantly haunted by his sire, whether in his dreams or during his waking hours, and this voice in his head tries to push him into doing things he would never do. The heroine, Lawan, has a terrible past, and drinks heavily in order to drown out the flashbacks. Although these are certainly dark subjects, both Jon and Lawan will eventually have their well-deserved HEA, which makes it all the more sweeter. 😉

S.W: Can you please explain this sentence: “My novels take place in a dystopian NYC overrun by vampires who actively hunt humans. There’s constant fear and terror, even for the main characters, who are assigned to exterminate vampires and rescue humans (even if one is a vampire himself).”

The reason is because first you say, that vampires hunt humans, but they also rescue them. In your novels, do the vampires hunt or rescue them? Or is that part of the plot tension/conflict, that vampires can end up in either role?

L.D. Rose: Sorry, I should’ve clarified this! The heroes in the series are half-vampire hybrids, genetically engineered by the U.S. government to exterminate vampires. They all had resultant side-effects from the hybridization, which led to them having “superpowers,” like pyrokinesis and shapeshifting. The hero in BLACK BULLET, Jon, is actually a “good” vampire and he works with the hybrids. Hence the statement “even if one is vampire himself.”
S.W: Awesome! I’m impressed. I’ve always loved to read books that have characters with depth and stories with tension. Sounds like yours have both! Your concepts of vampires are very creative and original, and remind me a bit of X-Men, as vampires can have super-hero/extra ability qualities.
One aspect I enjoy is that each Paranormal Romance author has their own take on vampires or the “creature” they choose to write about. Within the genre of Paranormal Romance exists the huge variety of creatures we write about, but I will always love vampires. Why did you choose to write about them?

L.D. Rose: I’ve been a vampire fan all my life, ever since I was accused of being one in the first grade, LOL. I fell in love with all things horror afterwards and began to read and learn about monsters. Vampires are my favorite because they’re generally perceived as highly intelligent and seductive predators, who are ruthless and cunning.

While we as writers can change that, there’s an allure about them that many other supernatural creatures don’t have. I’m a big fan of anything dark and sexy, and vampires have always fit that bill for me. 😀

S.W: That’s funny you were accused of being a vampire in first grade. Seems you were destined to be an PNR/Urban Fantasy Author! I also very much like and relate to your description of vampires and why you like them.

Being a big reader myself, I’m always curious to know what others, especially authors, are reading. What paranormal romance books and authors do you read? Do you read other genres? Tell us a bit about them.

Some of my favorite PNR authors are J.R. Ward, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Nalini Singh, Larissa Ione, Jeaniene Frost, Kim Harrison, and many more, LOL. I also read lots of other genres, predominately horror (Stephen King, Justin Cronin, Charlie Huston, Chuck Wendig), suspense (Tess Gerritsen) and contemporary (Nora Roberts).

While I think it’s important to read within your genre, I think everyone should step outside of it for a while to gain a fresh perspective. You never know, you might bring something new to the fold.

S.W: Please share an enticing section from your newest book, Black Bullet:

“Her scent was the first thing that hit him.

Rich, floral, potent with desire. A weight sat on him, very human and very female. Her lips suddenly seized his, her cold hands cradling his face as she plunged her tongue deeply into his mouth.

Jon’s eyes snapped open, staring at a close-up of the jagged tattoo on her face, her closed eyelids, her fanned out black lashes against her tawny cheekbones. He must’ve fallen asleep after he’d showered and dressed, still sitting up on the couch. And now here she was, climbing on top of him, torturing him with her scorching hot mouth.

Jon groaned, returning her kiss with a fervor that rivaled her own, his hands bunching in her silken hair. She tasted like fruit and whiskey, alcohol and Dama de Noche pumping from her pores in intoxicating waves, mesmerizing him like nothing else could. He ran his tongue along the roof of her mouth, sliding against the backs of her fangs—her fully extracted, razor-sharp fangs—and she bit down on him enough to make him shudder.

Yes. Oh God, yes.

 Every time she withdrew, she nipped at him, dragging her teeth along the inside of his lower lip and driving him wild. He tugged on her hair, pulling her head back as he kissed her throat, starting at the angle of her jaw and working his way down. She gasped, quivering against him as he scraped his teeth across her skin, his fangs throbbing in time to her rapidly fluttering pulse.

Her hands clenched in his t-shirt as he licked his way back up to her ear, nibbling her feather-soft lobe. She moaned, grasping at him, and he lifted his arms, letting her yank the shirt off. Her hands covered his skin hungrily, clutching, feeling, stroking. She grazed the scar on his chest and his heart squeezed in response, his nerves firing beneath her touch.

She caught hold of his dog tags and pulled him closer, devouring him like she was starving, her breath in him, his breath in her.

Holy shit. Was this for real?

Jon fumbled with the front of her battle uniform before he finally ripped it open, the buttons snapping off in every direction. She trembled against him as her breasts filled his palms, hidden under her black sports bra, his thumbs feathering over their hardened peaks. When her pelvis brushed the rock hard erection in his sweatpants, she gasped and nearly jumped out of his lap, bracing her knees on the cushions at either side of him.


Easy. Take it slow.

Every last muscle in her lithe body was wire-tight, her head bowed, her breath swift and uneven. With his chest heaving and his blood roaring in his ears, he looked up. Her hair covered her gorgeous face, her hand still gripping the chain around his neck. He waited, palming her hips, before he slowly ran his hands down to her shaking knees. He swallowed hard, his entire body aching for her, trying to fight back the instinct to drag her against him and take what he needed.

“Tell me what you want me to do,” he murmured, his voice thick with lust. He reached up to brush her hair back, but she caught his hand and pressed it to her lips.

His chest tightened and his blood burned as he traced her mouth blindly with his thumb. So soft, her lips were so goddamn soft. She wouldn’t look at him, her eyes hidden behind the dark curtain of her hair. He would do whatever she wanted, anything she needed, even if it killed him.

Lawan held his hand and flattened it over her heart, the muscle thumping against his palm. Then she slowly guided him down, over the soft swell of her breast to the hard lines of her abs, then beyond to the strap of her panties. His fingers slipped beneath the black cotton but she squeezed his wrist and lifted him back out, her breath shallow and her body quivering. It took every ounce of willpower for him not to beg as he squirmed underneath her, needing something, anything, please.

She pressed his hand between her legs, over the damp cloth. And whispered, “Touch me.””

S.W: Wow, hot stuff! Please tell us, where can we find you and your book?

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Thank you again, Ms. Rose, for sharing this interview and information about your book with us. I appreciate it very much.


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