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Are you looking for some inspiration and support to start your 2017 year as a writer/author with a wonderful bang? Check out the Seventh Annual Ruby Slippered Sisterhood Winter Writing Festival starting on January 10th, 2017!

The festival is organized by Romance Writers of America® Golden Heart® Nominees from 2009. The group calls themselves The Ruby Slippered Sisterhood.

Last year was the first year I participated and I can’t sing enough praises for this writing event. I heard about it through New York Times Bestselling Paranormal Romance Author Extraordinaire, Darynda Jones’ website.

These are some of the aspects I loved about the festival:

  • Very flexible rules on how you participate/gain points to win, but still helps maintain motivation and focus.
  • Excellent camaraderie in their amazing chat rooms!
  • Make new author/writer friends who we can maintain contact with for continued support throughout the year.
  • Meet already published authors who have experience and accomplished success. They help keep our inner fire going to get published or keep on track on our next projects.
  • Win amazing swag like free books and a bunch of other goodies.
  • Daily flexible chat room times so we can fit it at least one into our schedule.
  • Everyone is welcome to participate!

And the best part! INSPIRATION to complete lots of work on our Work In Progress!! You can edit, re-write, start or finish a WIP, and even gain points for “taking care of myself today!”

Doesn’t that sound wonderful? It sure does to me. After the holidays we might feel drained or be in need of some kind of refresher. Maybe we feel stuck on our WIP.

My mind tends to wander and I have a lot of difficulty focusing. The chat rooms with the sprints really made my WIP move ahead last year. Everyone was so positive, caring, and encouraging. I really felt like a part of the community. Besides, I finished the first draft of my second book in my vampire romance series, The House of the Black Swan, due to the festival. This year I will work on editing it!

For more information, please check out the link below to visit their main website which includes their specific festival guidelines. I will also post the link to the Festival itself. They update it when it gets closer to the date so you can get your Participation Banner and all that!

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Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful writing year!


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Link to their original blog for Festival Guidelines:

Link to the Festival page itself. Be sure to check back closer to the date when they update it for participation.

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  1. I LOVE the Ruby’s Writing Festival! It is motivating and educational. I’ve made several writer friends through the message board sprints and gotten great advice from published authors who the festival has allowed me to have one on one time with. I won professional editing from the weekly check in contest last year and it was really beneficial to my story. I’ve even gotten to sprint and chat with one of my favorite published authors, Darynda Jones! I highly recommend signing up!

  2. Yes! Thanks for re-iterating the positives and adding even more of them to my list! It’s a wonderful event they organize. I also received several of those benefits. The best thing is that we don’t have to go this publishing route alone. If we reach out, we can lift each other up!

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