New Year’s Resolution or P.A.G?

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Most people want to hear about a new year’s resolution like they want a skunk under their pillow. When I think of the word “resolution”, I often relate it to an obligation or a chore. I feel like many resolutions people make are yet another task that we must get done this year.

If you “google” new year’s resolution, the first definition that pops up is “a tradition…in which a person resolves to change an undesired trait or behavior”, Wikipedia. Case in point!

I’m all for personal reflection and positive change, but I don’t need anymore obligations or to feel pressured to do yet another duty. I suspect others might feel the same way I do. I’ve often felt, “I should do this” or “I should do that.” Maybe 2017 is the year to stop “shoulding” on ourselves.

Of course there are many obligations in life–going to work, paying the bills, fulfilling many family or social duties, that we can’t avoid. And I’m not implying that all of that is going to go away or that we need to avoid it. What I’m saying is, instead of having a new year’s resolution that sounds like another should on our list, why can’t we replace it with a P.A.G?

Personal Adventure Guide!

If I’m going to make any resolutions, I hope to make them within the concept of P.A.G, instead of adding to the already existing To Do List.


Whatever I need to get done this year, my goal is to routinely include at least one activity that is totally personal to me in my life. Often because of regular obligations I mentioned above, our personal happiness or joy can get relegated to tomorrow, another day, because the To Do list really never ends. And let’s be realistic, of course it doesn’t.

But what if I integrate something personal into that list, so that it became a part of my routine? Example list: Go to work, make dinner, care for x, y, z, work on writing, do the laundry, pay the bills…wait, did you see how I snuck in work on writing in the middle of that?

For the very reason that the To Do list never ends, I want my personal happiness to always be included on that list, and by the way, not as the very last thing all the time either!


Whatever activity we choose, it is meant for our internal happiness, satisfaction, and benefit. And for the same reason, we also decide what we would like that pursuit to be.

We could make time to take more walks, paint, write, spend more time with people we care about, or spend more time alone, do volunteer work at an animal shelter, read more fiction, learn a new dance style–anything at all that adds to our happiness and well-being.


Another important aspect of our activity is that it involve some kind of adventure. Something that keeps our internal flame alive, inspires us, and makes us want to get out of bed in the morning. For me, that is always writing (except when I get in an occasional slump, which is OK, because I’m human.)

I love to write. And specifically I love to write fiction, though I have often kept a journal as well, which is also awesome. Writing makes me feel fulfilled, balanced, and brings me an internal satisfaction and peace so I can deal with the rest of life. I go on so many adventures with my characters, writing this blog, learning to use social media, interacting with other authors and potential readers–there are so many facets to writing that bring joy to my life besides the actual writing itself!

Something to remember in our, choose our own adventure this year!

Let me make a note that “adventure” can also be defined in so many ways. For one person, what is a totally normal activity may be a very scary yet exciting adventure to another. So I encourage us to also personalize what adventure means to us!


So since I’m suggesting we make our plan this year personal and an adventure, I’d also like to throw “musts” or “obligations” to the wind as well. I like the word guide because it implies flexibility and the right to adjust my plan according to life’s circumstances.

Life is always going to throw us a curve ball. I reserve the right to change my mind, my plan, or adjust how I’m going to get around doing my special activity. There may be certain times when true emergencies come up or something very unpredictable happens. That’s okay, too. Sometimes we have to just take care of business in life. That’s why this is a guide, because there’s no hard and fast rule to what we decide is our endeavor or  how and when we engage in it.

But here’s one suggestion: I suggest if crazy stuff does happen, that we don’t allow our personal activity to permanently get kicked off our To Do list or get forever relegated to the Tomorrow List. That would be very sad.

Because in the end, wherever I go, there I am. I’ve found I want and need to always include something in my life that is personal and an adventure to add to my happiness.

So this year, instead of a resolution being yet another task, I’m choosing to resolve to make a P.A.G! And remember this as well…

Last but not least, for my P.A.G, I need a little bit of this!

What do you think of this concept? Do you ever get tired of people talking about resolutions as yet another obligation in life? Is there something you’d like to do that would be wonderful just for you, but you haven’t resolved to enjoy yet?

By the way, if you haven’t noticed on my website, I’m a paranormal romance author who’s stories feature bad-ass vampires. They are often faced with choosing between obligations of their coven or finding true love. And believe me, like us, that is not an easy road for them to travel!

One item on my P.A.G list is to have at least one book from my series, House of the Black Swan, in your device/hands before 2017 is up!

If that sounds enticing to you, please sign up for my newsletter, Scarlett West’s Pulse, so you can be the first to know when they will be released! Also, always feel free to stop by on Facebook and Twitter and say hi to me.

Thanks for reading my blog and for stopping by. I hope you have a great year and that something you’re involved in is truly wonderful and inspiring. Please share your thoughts about my idea!

With Warm Regards, Cheers to Your Adventures,

Scarlett West







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