Five Tools to Enjoy Editing

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  Editing a novel can be a big headache, but I have found a few ways of tricking myself to enjoy the process. Before the novel I’m working on now, I didn’t like to edit at all. It annoyed me how long it took, how detail oriented it is, and I felt like I would rather “create”. Mind-Set as an … Read More

Why I Broke Up With Gluten

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  Gluten and I had a bad thing going, but I kept eating it anyway. For some people, eating gluten free may be a fad diet, but for others it’s necessary for good health. I didn’t give up gluten easily. I gave it up kicking and screaming. I had to go through hard times with gluten before I gave it … Read More

Reading Romance is Dangerous

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Warning: reading romance novels is dangerous! A dangerous good, time, I mean. This blog is for my fans. No need to explain. No need to justify why we love to read and write romance. It’s rather ironic that we’re “allowed” to watch romantic movies, listen to romantic music, but not read romance novels. For some reason, it’s acceptable to sink … Read More

Why Paranormal Romance Has My Heart

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Paranormal romance weaves the extraordinary with the familiar leading us into a magical world. The genre lights up my imagination, makes me feel boundless as a reader and writer, and fulfills me as a person. At the moment I write about vampires with some magic involved in my plots. Vampires will always be my first “paranormal love” that I enjoy … Read More

3 Steps to Overcome Writer’s Block

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  April’s Camp Nanowrimo is more than halfway over, but it’s never too late to increase productivity and overcome writer’s block. By the way, if your craft is painting, or another creative outlet, these steps will still work for you. Without a doubt, writer’s block was one of the main obstacles that stopped me from producing work. I find that … Read More

10 Foods to Feel Like Wonder Woman

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  I love Super Heroes and I chose the featured picture of Wonder Woman before seeing Batman V. Super Man because I believe in eating well to feel great. But, Wonder Woman did rock my world in the movie, and inspires me to be my own Super Hero. So how can we feel like our own Super Hero? By doing … Read More

Reasons to Love the European Food Store

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  This lovely basket is going to be raffled off. Details below. What: A locally owned food store dedicated to European cuisine. Where: 2790 Santa Rosa Avenue, Suite M, Santa Rosa, CA 95407 (on Burt Street intersection, across from Bed, Bath & Beyond shopping center) Hours and days open: Monday-Saturday, 10am-6pm, Sunday, 11am-5pm Contact information: 707-527-0319, [Show thumbnails] Do … Read More

Ten Reasons I Hate Honey Bears

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Ten Reasons I Hate Honey Bears 10. The bear didn’t ask if he could come over. I don’t know about others, but if a bear randomly showed up at my house, offering me honey, I would duck and cover. You heard it little honey bear that thinks he’s so cute, no trying to sneak into my den. 9. Those plastic … Read More

The Battle: Epic VS. Authentic

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  While researching how to put a blog together  and attract readers, I came across an article that talked about writing epic posts. It wasn’t the first time I’d heard of the concept of “doing epic things”, but I didn’t think about it much before. Originally, the word epic referred to a hero and his adventures in a song, poem, … Read More