Little Things Blog Hop!

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  🍀 Little Things Blog Hop 🍀 Hi everyone my name is Scarlett West and I am one of over 100 authors/bloggers/ on the Little Things Blog Hop! Make sure you visit each stop and enter the posted giveaway! Be sure to enter the amazing rafflecopter too which has a ton of prizes to be won! 🍀 Giveaway for MY … Read More

For the Love of Dog

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  This blog is dedicated to my dog, Mona, 2003-2016. She will always been one of my best friends. It is also dedicated to my dad, who is still alive, and has a special connection with animals. He is one of the people who taught me how precious animals are. Yesterday while writing this entry, I heard Mona whining. I … Read More

Participate in Blog Hop & Win Prizes!

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Dear Readers, From March 17-April 1, 2016, I will participate in the “Little Things” Blog Hop, sponsored by Author Colleen Myers. It’s all about Little Things that makes us happy. We could all use more happiness, right? If you would like to participate as a reader, you can win prizes simply by reading people’s blogs during the blog hop and … Read More

Spring Forth with Healthy Food

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The Spring Equinox is coming, the earth is going to shift, and more light will come our way. Maybe we already fell off the healthy, New Year’s resolution, bandwagon, but it’s never too late to get back on. Fresh, green veggies of the season are waiting for us to spruce up our health. I have often felt that deep down … Read More

Blog Bilingüe: Celebrating Mexica New Year, Celebrando Año Nuevo Mexica

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(Español abajo) When: Saturday and Sunday, March 12 and 13, 2016 Where: Emma Prusch Farm Park, 647 S. King Road, San Jose, CA 95116 This is a FREE family event. Please no drugs or alcohol. Facebook link: Note: This article is about Aztec culture, but I will use the term “Mexica” instead of Aztec. Mexica means “cosmic person”. What … Read More

Regret: A Springboard for Action

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  “Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option.”-Mark Twain Most of us would like to shove away a subject like regret into a deep, dark, closet, recess of our mind. But then, what happens when that closet gets overstuffed, and everything tumbles out and buries me? I’m a deeply reflective person who loves … Read More