Hustle and Roll

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If we check out the definition of hustle on the urban dictionary, we’ll find the slang term can mean, “make money, usually in a slightly shady way” or “making money in any way you can”. In my view, hustle means working hard and doing what I have to so my dreams come true. (Of course, all legal activities. Wink.) All … Read More

New Year’s Resolution or P.A.G?

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Most people want to hear about a new year’s resolution like they want a skunk under their pillow. When I think of the word “resolution”, I often relate it to an obligation or a chore. I feel like many resolutions people make are yet another task that we must get done this year. If you “google” new year’s resolution, the … Read More

Benefits: Winter Writing Festival

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Are you looking for some inspiration and support to start your 2017 year as a writer/author with a wonderful bang? Check out the Seventh Annual Ruby Slippered Sisterhood Winter Writing Festival starting on January 10th, 2017! The festival is organized by Romance Writers of America® Golden Heart® Nominees from 2009. The group calls themselves The Ruby Slippered Sisterhood. Last year … Read More

Happy Winter Solstice!

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  Happy Winter Solstice or when we welcome back the light! From now on, the days will grow longer, even though at first it doesn’t feel like it.  It sounds like a paradox but when we celebrate Summer Solstice, the hours of light shorten until Winter Solstice when they lengthen again. For those of you who follow my blog and … Read More

Autumn: Food & Creativity

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  It’s not officially autumn, but here in the Northern Hemisphere we already feel the effects of the earth shifting. Canadian geese fly over my house heading south, the nights cool down faster, and the trees are losing their green color and leaves. Many of us mourn the loss of light, and with reason; with the long days of summer … Read More

Why I Broke Up With Gluten

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  Gluten and I had a bad thing going, but I kept eating it anyway. For some people, eating gluten free may be a fad diet, but for others it’s necessary for good health. I didn’t give up gluten easily. I gave it up kicking and screaming. I had to go through hard times with gluten before I gave it … Read More

Reading Romance is Dangerous

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Warning: reading romance novels is dangerous! A dangerous good, time, I mean. This blog is for my fans. No need to explain. No need to justify why we love to read and write romance. It’s rather ironic that we’re “allowed” to watch romantic movies, listen to romantic music, but not read romance novels. For some reason, it’s acceptable to sink … Read More