Autumn: Food & Creativity

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  It’s not officially autumn, but here in the Northern Hemisphere we already feel the effects of the earth shifting. Canadian geese fly over my house heading south, the nights cool down faster, and the trees are losing their green color and leaves. Many of us mourn the loss of light, and with reason; with the long days of summer … Read More

The Dirty Dozen: When Organic?

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  The dirty dozen sounds like an old western movie. Watch out, the dirty dozen is heading for your town and everyone should take cover. The dirty dozen: a gun slinging gang of bandits bringing trouble into every town they set foot in. In reality the dirty dozen is twelve fruits and vegetables that have a high number of pesticides … Read More

Why I Broke Up With Gluten

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  Gluten and I had a bad thing going, but I kept eating it anyway. For some people, eating gluten free may be a fad diet, but for others it’s necessary for good health. I didn’t give up gluten easily. I gave it up kicking and screaming. I had to go through hard times with gluten before I gave it … Read More

10 Foods to Feel Like Wonder Woman

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  I love Super Heroes and I chose the featured picture of Wonder Woman before seeing Batman V. Super Man because I believe in eating well to feel great. But, Wonder Woman did rock my world in the movie, and inspires me to be my own Super Hero. So how can we feel like our own Super Hero? By doing … Read More

Reasons to Love the European Food Store

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  This lovely basket is going to be raffled off. Details below. What: A locally owned food store dedicated to European cuisine. Where: 2790 Santa Rosa Avenue, Suite M, Santa Rosa, CA 95407 (on Burt Street intersection, across from Bed, Bath & Beyond shopping center) Hours and days open: Monday-Saturday, 10am-6pm, Sunday, 11am-5pm Contact information: 707-527-0319, [Show thumbnails] Do … Read More

Spring Forth with Healthy Food

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The Spring Equinox is coming, the earth is going to shift, and more light will come our way. Maybe we already fell off the healthy, New Year’s resolution, bandwagon, but it’s never too late to get back on. Fresh, green veggies of the season are waiting for us to spruce up our health. I have often felt that deep down … Read More