Hustle and Roll

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If we check out the definition of hustle on the urban dictionary, we’ll find the slang term can mean, “make money, usually in a slightly shady way” or “making money in any way you can”. In my view, hustle means working hard and doing what I have to so my dreams come true. (Of course, all legal activities. Wink.) All … Read More

New Year’s Resolution or P.A.G?

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Most people want to hear about a new year’s resolution like they want a skunk under their pillow. When I think of the word “resolution”, I often relate it to an obligation or a chore. I feel like many resolutions people make are yet another task that we must get done this year. If you “google” new year’s resolution, the … Read More

Benefits: Winter Writing Festival

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Are you looking for some inspiration and support to start your 2017 year as a writer/author with a wonderful bang? Check out the Seventh Annual Ruby Slippered Sisterhood Winter Writing Festival starting on January 10th, 2017! The festival is organized by Romance Writers of America® Golden Heart® Nominees from 2009. The group calls themselves The Ruby Slippered Sisterhood. Last year … Read More

Ten Awesome Vampire Songs

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  I came up with this blog post while tweeting with other paranormal romance authors about vampire music. I used the songs to give you a flavor of what kind of writing will be in my paranormal, vampire romance series. Of course you won’t get a real idea until they are published, but if you read on you’ll find out … Read More

Vampires: Ten Fun Facts

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  Time for a blog series on vampires! This is the first of four and its going to be fun. In this post I’ll cover vampire trivia–how to tell if someone is a vampire, burials, magical powers, that sort of thing. Please return for more awesome blog posts later. (Future subjects are a surprise.) 10. Vampire Burials A long time … Read More

Five Tools to Enjoy Editing

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  Editing a novel can be a big headache, but I have found a few ways of tricking myself to enjoy the process. Before the novel I’m working on now, I didn’t like to edit at all. It annoyed me how long it took, how detail oriented it is, and I felt like I would rather “create”. Mind-Set as an … Read More

Reading Romance is Dangerous

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Warning: reading romance novels is dangerous! A dangerous good, time, I mean. This blog is for my fans. No need to explain. No need to justify why we love to read and write romance. It’s rather ironic that we’re “allowed” to watch romantic movies, listen to romantic music, but not read romance novels. For some reason, it’s acceptable to sink … Read More

Why Paranormal Romance Has My Heart

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Paranormal romance weaves the extraordinary with the familiar leading us into a magical world. The genre lights up my imagination, makes me feel boundless as a reader and writer, and fulfills me as a person. At the moment I write about vampires with some magic involved in my plots. Vampires will always be my first “paranormal love” that I enjoy … Read More

3 Steps to Overcome Writer’s Block

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  April’s Camp Nanowrimo is more than halfway over, but it’s never too late to increase productivity and overcome writer’s block. By the way, if your craft is painting, or another creative outlet, these steps will still work for you. Without a doubt, writer’s block was one of the main obstacles that stopped me from producing work. I find that … Read More