New Year’s Resolution or P.A.G?

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Most people want to hear about a new year’s resolution like they want a skunk under their pillow. When I think of the word “resolution”, I often relate it to an obligation or a chore. I feel like many resolutions people make are yet another task that we must get done this year. If you “google” new year’s resolution, the … Read More

PNR Author Interview: L.D. ROSE

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  Today we have an interview with award winning Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy Author, L.D. Rose. Ms. Rose has published two books in her vampire romance series, The Order of The Senary. She was a Finalist and Winner of the 2016 Romance Writers of America, Prism Awards, for her first novel, Releasing the Demons. Today, we will be discussing her writing … Read More

Uh, Is Latvia a Real Country?

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Latvia who? Latvia where? One of the main settings for my first vampire, romance series is Latvia. Since most people don’t know about it, I decided to share a bit. (Don’t feel bad if you’re clueless, I sure don’t mind talking about it.) By the way, people have frequently asked me if it’s a real country. My paternal grandparents were … Read More

Autumn: Food & Creativity

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  It’s not officially autumn, but here in the Northern Hemisphere we already feel the effects of the earth shifting. Canadian geese fly over my house heading south, the nights cool down faster, and the trees are losing their green color and leaves. Many of us mourn the loss of light, and with reason; with the long days of summer … Read More

Ten Awesome Vampire Songs

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  I came up with this blog post while tweeting with other paranormal romance authors about vampire music. I used the songs to give you a flavor of what kind of writing will be in my paranormal, vampire romance series. Of course you won’t get a real idea until they are published, but if you read on you’ll find out … Read More

Vampires: Ten Fun Facts

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  Time for a blog series on vampires! This is the first of four and its going to be fun. In this post I’ll cover vampire trivia–how to tell if someone is a vampire, burials, magical powers, that sort of thing. Please return for more awesome blog posts later. (Future subjects are a surprise.) 10. Vampire Burials A long time … Read More