Hustle and Roll

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If we check out the definition of hustle on the urban dictionary, we’ll find the slang term can mean, “make money, usually in a slightly shady way” or “making money in any way you can”. In my view, hustle means working hard and doing what I have to so my dreams come true. (Of course, all legal activities. Wink.) All … Read More

Five Tools to Enjoy Editing

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  Editing a novel can be a big headache, but I have found a few ways of tricking myself to enjoy the process. Before the novel I’m working on now, I didn’t like to edit at all. It annoyed me how long it took, how detail oriented it is, and I felt like I would rather “create”. Mind-Set as an … Read More

3 Steps to Overcome Writer’s Block

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  April’s Camp Nanowrimo is more than halfway over, but it’s never too late to increase productivity and overcome writer’s block. By the way, if your craft is painting, or another creative outlet, these steps will still work for you. Without a doubt, writer’s block was one of the main obstacles that stopped me from producing work. I find that … Read More